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Eco-Friendly Grilling: Easy, Fun and Now!

CasusGrill is the world’s first instant, portable, biodegradable one-time use grill. CEO and US spokesman Maher Hakim tells why this ingenious product is set to change grilling as we know it.

Single-Use, Disposable, ­and Environmentally Friendly

CasusGrill is made with all-natural materials – cardboard, bamboo, and lava stone – and designed to replace metal grills that eventually rust and end up in the landfill. Fired with 6 ounces of bamboo charcoal, it produces up to 50 percent less CO2 emissions than conventional grills. And when it’s done, it completely disintegrates.

Go-Anywhere Grill for Active Outdoor Life

When you are at the beach, backpacking, fishing, camping, cycling, golfing, or tailgating at your favorite sporting event, a 2-pound disposable ecologically friendly grill made of bamboo, cardboard, and lava rocks comes in handy. Maher tells about some of the cool places people are taking their CasusGrills all over the world.

Your Planet (and Landfill) Will Thank You

CasusGrill is designed to replace the dangerous and toxic one-pound propane cylinders that are among an estimated 254 million tons of trash Americans throw away each year. Maher tells how and why a Danish couple came up with the idea for this innovative product.

Leave No Trace Cooking

When you are done with the CasusGrill, just douse it and toss it in the trash, burn it in the campfire, or bury it with a clear environmental conscience. The all-natural materials will disintegrate without a trace.

Power Picnic: Gourmet Grilling With the Big Boys

Jack Allen Gilmore, celebrity chef of CBS show “We Are Austin,” is among fans of the CasusGrill. So is health coach and author Thomas DeLauer. Learn why this little 2-pound box of grilling greatness is packing a punch for healthy and delicious cooking.

Grill on Cardboard? You Can’t Do That!

It’s hard for people to comprehend CasusGrill until they see it in action. The grill uses lava stone to efficiently focus even heat without flames, using 50 percent less charcoal to grill the same amount of food. Maher demonstrates how quick and easy it is to set up, fire up, and cook.

Great Grilling Made Simple

Maybe you’ve never tried grilling because you don’t like the explosive “woosh” of lighting a gas grill, the stinky smell of charcoal lighter, or the chore of scrubbing charred metal grill grates that never seem to come clean. All that just went away. Maher tells how CasusGrill allows even novices to cook perfectly delicious meals without the hassle of traditional grills.

Grilling Safety: Don’t Get Burned

Each year, thousands of people are treated in emergency rooms for burns from grills, with gas grills causing more fires than charcoal ones. Most grilling injuries occur when people burn their hands on the surface of metal grills. The flameless bamboo charcoal and bamboo grates of the CasusGrill offer a safer alternative.

Metal Grills: Dirty Dinosaur on Your Deck

One of the worst chores of conventional gas and charcoal grills is trying to scrub burned meat residue off the grates. They all eventually rust. And no matter how hard you scrub, the carbon ghosts of cookouts past end up on your food. Maher explains how the clean, single-use bamboo of the CasusGrill solves these issues.

Fresh Recipes for Spring and Summer

Representatives and fans offer some of their favorite easy and healthy cooking ideas to try on the CasusGrill.

Award-Winning Design, Affordable for Everyone

CasusGrill won the Danish Design Award for 2017 and has garnered numerous other awards, including the 2018 Top 10 in Grocery Best Sustainable Produce Award. Now it is available in the USA at a price anyone can afford.
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